Difference Between Assessment and Evaluation

Difference Between Assessment and Evaluation

What is the difference between assessment and evaluation? Both these processes are a central part of modern-day society. They play quite a significant role in our everyday lives as they are used to diagnose and provide results of various scenarios.

Therefore, being aware of the dissimilarity among these terms is of much needed concern. Our discussion here will make your analytical skills better. Along with that, it will help you in creating a clear idea of when to use them in practical life.

Apart from these details, if we are to take this discussion into the modern-day world. Being aware of the differentiation of these two words is important for people who manage any form of resource. Be it organic or inorganic. Organic resources include students, labor, employees, etc. Inorganic resources include trade goods, raw material, etc.

The person involved in management may be anyone from a teacher, to an export analyst. A problem may result if the difference between evaluation and assessment is not apprehended sufficiently.

Definition of Assessment

Assessment is a process which involves conducting different tests and/or measures. Succinctly put, it is the scrutinizing of progression. If we take a simple example into account. In school, the aptitude of a student is of concern.

The teacher is assigned the role of assessing the aptitude of the students. Can you recall how a teacher gaged your aptitude? That’s right! Tests which being our worst nightmares may be described as an assessment as well.   

Definition of Evaluation

Evaluation is basically the next step in this cycle. After a particular resource has been looked into closely, the results are now remaining, which declare the analysis complete. Another good term for this is judgment. We all remember that hated upon report day. When the class nerd would be cheering, and most of us would be hiding our faces.

Well, that report which we received is our evaluation of the tests conducted. You can remember it as a summarized conclusion of different tests. So, basically both these processes go hand in, but it’s the situation to which each respective term refers to that results in the difference between assessment and evaluation.

Assessment vs Evaluation Comparison Table

This comparison will facilitate the understanding of the difference between assessment and evaluation.

Basis of Comparison Assessment Evaluation
Meaning Collection of data via conducted tests and/or measures Analysis of collected data to produce a finalized report
Title   Assessor   Examiner
Purpose Collection Summary
Goal Feedback of progression Achievement of progression
Standard Individual Comparative

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Assessment vs Evaluation

Now if someone asks you what is the difference between evaluation and assessment? We hope that you can answer them swiftly with a thorough explanation. With respect to analytical analysis, their uses extend to many cases, which is why a sound understanding of their differentiation helps.

When combined, both of these give a beneficial output. Without each other, these processes are not as useful as they can be. So, it is necessary to apply them together.