Difference Between Independent and Dependent

Difference Between Independent and Dependent

We all know that the English language can be tricky at times. Even the smallest changes in the spelling can result in a very different meaning. We have been discussing the difference in words for quite some time. We sincerely hope you to go through all our articles. You have to ensure that the language you are using is correct.

If you are using faulty language, then it may result in the other person having a negative idea about you. In this article, we will learn about the variance between what does independent and dependent mean. Again, you see that the spelling is deceptively similar, but there is a grave variance in their meaning. So, let us learn what’s the difference between independent and dependent.

What is the Difference Between Independent and Dependent?

We always knew that there are few words that are deceptively similar but have a variance in meaning. Now, let us learn about what is the difference between dependent and independent. To start with, the word dependent means that the entity is reliant on another for administrative and financial support. This dependency can be either forceful, or one entity may be a subsidiary of the other. The word independent means that an outside force does not control the entity. The entity is not dependent on any external entity for its continuation.

Moving on from the basics, let us comprehend what the difference between independent and dependent with an example is. The terms can be used in various fields; viz. business, market research, etc. In business terms, a dependent entity is one that is a subsidiary of another. A group firm may be working across various industries. Each industry may be a separate entity.

All these entities are collectively dependent on the mother group company. In a market research parlance, the independent adjustable is one that remains unaffected while the dependent variable is one that measures what effect the dependent variable has.

Definitions of Independent and Dependent

We have talked about the difference between dependent and independent. Now, let us walk through the independent and dependent description. The word independent can be defined as having the ability to decide about your welfare and sustenance while taking into account your surroundings. It is possible when you are the owner of your own destiny. The word dependent means the entity is dependent on something else.

While on the one hand, the connotation may be simple, like you are dependent on an alarm clock to wake you up. It can also have a harsh connotation; like, the world was dependent on a few major powers. It has use in other parlance also.

An independent variable can be defined as the one which is changed by the researcher to observe any changes. The dependent variable is one that alters its value as per the difference in the independent variable.

Independent vs Dependent Comparison Table

We will now go through a chart showing the difference between independent and dependent.

Basis of Comparison Independent Dependent
What it means The entity does not rely on another for its existence The entity relies on another for its existence
In business parlance This can mean the group entity that controls multiple smaller objects These are subsidiaries that are linked to a parent company
In market research parlance Any variable that the researcher is able to change the value to find out the outcomeThe variable that alters its amount to ensure it is in line with the change in the independent variable

Conclusion of the Main Differences Between Independent vs Dependent

While going through the variance between the terms, we have found that both of these can be used in various parlance. We have also gone through what they mean for different parlance. Across multiple usages, the meaning also varies to some extent.

However, we can generally say that an independent entity does not rely on anything else for its sustenance. A dependent body always has to rely on another for its existence and subsistence.

We have strived to ensure we are able to bring you the variance in meaning in very simple language. We sincerely hope that this article will help you. We honestly look forward to your comments.