Difference Between Internal vs External

Difference Between Internal vs External

The topic of our discussion pertains on concepts exactly contradictory to each other. They signify the antonyms of the other one. Folks come across words like ‘Internal conflicts’ or ‘external conflicts’. They listen to ‘internal injury’, and ‘external damage’. Then they wonder what does internal and external mean? At a deeper insight, what is the difference between internal and external? How do we define internal and external? Internal and external definition can be summed as, Internal regards to anything situated in an inside. For instance the internal organs.

The latter is the converse pointing to something situated outside or being operated from outward. Befuddled by these explanations? Don’t worry. Below is an illustrative version of the exact stuff that you require to acknowledge. With an acceptable number of examples, we have tried to make it easy for you to catch the difference between internal and external. Grab a quick glimpse of the below description to get a better vision on what is internal and external.

Definitions of Internal and External

The mentioned terminologies can apply to numerous areas of study and living. It can refer to internal and external examinations, or maybe the internal body organs, and many distinct references in a conversation. Let us read more further about both the terminologies.

You would have heard of Internal examinations, or conflicts, or mechanism, but what do these mean? When we address something as internal, we are implying it to be at an interior region. A thing happening ‘within’ something other.

Contrarily, the latter indicates to things or happenings occurring at the exterior of something. It implies that some other factor from outside is involved. Doing something externally implies that the object or the occurrence is at the surface level.

Let’s discuss more what’s the difference between internal and external by taking an example. Taking the academic point of view, internals and external examinations are held in universities. What does it imply? The internal exam implies that invigilators, as well as the answer sheet corrections, will be done within the institute. It won’t involve any outside involvement

Contrarily, external examinations are organized and maintained by outside invigilators and answer sheets are checked by professors not belonging to the same institute. This helps differentiate the variation of this couple of terminologies in a better way.

Some more internal and external examples that will unblur your sight with better vision are penned down. Let’s have a look at the next subpart.

Internal and External Examples

  • External Examples

Usually in medicine, a warning such as ‘for external use only’ is written. The meaning of this sentence is the medicine or the ointment you’re employing has to be used only at the surface of your skin and not be taken inside the body.

Another example can be of an outside force, indicating an additional effort required to move an object. While performing an experiment ‘external factor must be constant’, this regards to the outside environment.

  • Internal examples

The examples for this section may include when any country develops or improves its governing policies. This is called a change in the internal policies implying that within the state the government policies have been advanced.

You might have heard of internal head injury or internal bleeding? When a doctor says that there is internal damage, he means to imply that the injury is inside the patient’s body surface.

Different sentences indicate the different purpose of the usage of these terms. Yet the meaning somehow remains unchanged. Both the above terms mean ‘inside and outside’ respectively used in variegated references.

Main Differences Between Internal vs External

A comparison table clearly the difference between internal and external is drawn below. As a quick revision, check the below out.

Basis of Comparison Internal External
Refers to Interior or something within External or something outside
Synonyms Inner, inside, interior Outer, outside, exterior
Example Rebecca had an internal head injury Ken had no external symptoms of illness for a couple of days.


You must have understood where we make use of Internal and where the word External is employed. Both of the words are used majorly as an adjective. They support the word which follows it.

This words are antonym to each other. The former is being confined to a limited area. The latter on the opposite is not something within a limited scope. It is but employed by something outside. Apart from the word Internal, its synonyms like ‘inside’,’ interior’, or, ‘inner’ are used. Similarly in the place of ‘external’, ‘outer’, ‘outside’, or ‘exterior’ are employed. Paragraph

This pair of terminologies can be used as an adjective for a different area of spoken English. Hopefully, the externals and internals definitions and the difference between external and internal would have been made clear from the above article.