Difference Between IQ and EQ

Difference Between IQ and EQ

Most curious minds often wonder: what is the difference between IQ and EQ? IQ and EQ are two distinct representations which respectively estimate mental power and the emotional levels of individuals. Using critical examination, it is easy to spot vast difference between IQ and EQ. This article tackles the correlation between IQ and EQ.

Here is the good news; you don’t need to be a genius before you can imbibe the context of this broad discussion.  The article digs deeper into every fabric of confusion that surrounds the technical topic. Enjoy the extensive lecture below.

Definition of IQ

IQ is a shortened term for Intelligence Quotient. The definition of IQ is – a numerical quantification of the thinking power of human brains. IQ scores are produced by subjecting someone through a standardized test procedure.

Higher IQ scores correspond to high level of thinking abilities and vice versa. For instance, scientific geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, supposedly had relatively high IQ values of 160 or so. But don’t be scared to undergo an IQ test. It doesn’t necessarily translate into riches or success – this takes us to the next headline.

Definition of EQ

EQ is an abbreviated term for Emotional Intelligence. The definition of EQ is, a numerical figure that depicts an individual’s ability to fully grasp their inner feelings, including that of others. EQ is commonly interpreted to mean emotional intelligence.

Now, that surely sounds crazy, but it definitely makes a lot of sense – emotions can be intelligent. Unlike IQ which gives no clue or guarantee about a person’s ability to make it big in life, higher EQ is synonymous to higher probability of succeeding in real life.

IQ vs EQ Comparison Table

The table below further clarifies everything to your satisfaction

Basis of Comparison IQ EQ
Definition Measures human intellectual intelligence Measures feelings, empathies, self-control and one’s adapting ability
Success Areas Important for academic success in science, math etc Extremely important for leadership and self-accomplishment
Popular origination William Stern’s book in 1912 Daniel Goleman’s book title in 1995
Source of intelligence Comes naturally; It is innate or inborn Takes effort and experience
Enhancement likelihood Very little chance of being able to change or improve Higher probability in being able to enhance it

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between IQ vs EQ

As shown above, thousands of clear cut differences vividly separate the two contrasting terms. While IQ primarily shows intellectual thinking capacities of brains, EQ goes a step further to probe people’s capabilities with respect to their emotions, thereby revealing deeper understanding of human feelings under trying conditions.

IQ vs EQ has been a highly debated topic. Be informed that, higher IQ is not exactly equal to higher EQ. Higher IQ may serve you well in academics. However, in real life and success, higher EQ individuals often nail it better than the rest. One striking difference is the fact that, your IQ level is inborn while EQ level can be enhanced better than IQ.