Difference Between Job and Career

Difference Between Job and Career

Before we even start the discussion, be informed that the terminologies above aren’t exactly equal. In that regard, what’s the difference between job and career? Every now and then, people busy themselves with works in offices and at sites, but they can’t really tell whether they have a career or a job. It turns out this is a bad way of living life. It’s not just about working; you need to figure out your position?

Working hard without knowing the correct definition of your task, is a great disservice. Here is why – adequate knowledge about the nature of a task is important. It can either motivate you to work harder or make you to quit a wrongful task.

Assuming you are unemployed (eg, fresh graduates), you need to know the difference between job and career. That is a possible question that may pop out in an interview. We are sure you won’t like to miss an employment opportunity, on the basis that you can’t answer what is the difference job and career? Just don’t miss such a bonus question. Please read carefully and absorb the discussion. Your life will never be the same, because it’s said; knowledge is power, right?

Definition of Job

We don’t need to spend hours on this topic – job is a regularly done activity which fetches the doer a pay. In other words, it is just a paid occupation. Citing an example, let’s say a graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering applies to work as a librarian in a high school.

If he goes though successfully, it becomes his job. The engineer may not permanently work as a librarian. That tells you that librarianship isn’t his career. In essence, a job is just paid task or economic role.

Definition of Career

It is interesting – a career is equal to a long-term job. Don’t raise your eyebrows. Not confusing at all, right? It means that, it’s possible for job to be equivalent to career, if it’s long-term focused. For instance, Jay-Z has a career in rap music. Because, he has been in the music business for decades; he is passionate about his career.

Job vs Career Comparison Table

Basis of Comparison Job Career
Definition It is a paid task or economic role A long term profession or work
Duration May last long or just a while Usually last longer
Focus on money Done purposefully for money Focuses on the future. Done with passion/accomplishment
Set Smaller set Bigger set, includes lists of jobs
Routine Tight schedule (fixed time) Time schedule is more flexible

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Job vs Career

As elaborated above, the difference between career and job has been highlighted to your understanding. People usually take jobs temporarily to earn a living. If a job is done with a long term focus, then it becomes a career. It is as simple as that; you are now good to go as a champion.