Difference Between Math vs Arithmetic

Difference Between Math vs Arithmetic

You can find so many humans among us who have, although they hated it, somehow learned mathematics and arithmetics throughout their school having absolutely no idea about the unique contrast among the two. You may think there is only a fine line between your least favorite subjects – maths and arithmetic. When you learn that every difference between math and arithmetic is meaningful and contrasted, you will be shocked to know that this line is really thick!

In this article, we are going to discuss what is the difference between math and arithmetic that has left so many thinkers thinking!

Definition of Math

Math is a very broad subject. There are topics that deal with a variety of shapes, many numbers, and various quantities.

In this subject, you can find various subcategories that may or may not interest you. They can be algebra, trigonometry, calculus, or geometry. You always knew that arithmetic is part of math, didn’t you? For those of us who didn’t know it, yes, arithmetic is a part of math! All these subjects will solve various problems using symbols, formulas, signs, and theorems.

Maths is not only useful when you want to calculate how much a shop vendor is charging you for the good you purchased, but it will also improve your problem-solving skills and is a great exercise for your brain.

Simply put, the definition of math is a subject that explores the relationship that quantities, numbers, and shapes have with each other.

Definition of Arithmetic

Arithmetic is one of the many unique branches found in mathematics. When you master arithmetic, you will know what attributes numbers possess. You will also know how to manipulate them.

Arithmetic is all about basic numerical operations around which the mathematical universe revolves. It teaches us how to add numbers; subtract them; multiply them; and divide them.

Arithmetic can also sometimes talk about exponents that are part of multiplication. Arithmetic can also include fractions and percentages that can be regarded as parts of the division.

Simply put, the definition of arithmetic can be explained as follows – it is as important to a mathematician as spelling is to a writer.

Main Differences Between Math vs Arithmetic

To make things easier, we have made a simple table with the main differences between mathematics and arithmetic.

Basis of ComparisonArithmeticMath
Deals withArithmetic is all about numbersMath is all about theories
OperationsAddition, subtraction, multiplication, divisionTrigonometry, calculus, geometry, algebra, arithmetic
InterchangeableArithmetic is interchangeable with mathMath is not interchangeable with arithmetic

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Math vs Arithmetic

If you ask any kid, they will say that math is the trickiest subject to learn at school. They will also say how vast and difficult it is. However, arithmetic is simple as it involves only basic mathematical operations. That’s the main difference between them!

Mathematics is a subject that is divided into different parts like a tree and involves reading theorems of various great scholars, evidence about them, and theories.

Arithmetic can be called as a derivative of mathematics, which explains how we can add numbers, subtract them, multiply them, and divide them. Every one of us loves arithmetic for its simplicity. And those of us who don’t, have to love it to make simple, day-to-day calculations.