Difference Between MLA 7 and 8

Difference Between MLA 7 and 8

The Modern Language Association of America, better known as MLA, works tirelessly to teach language and literature. The MLA hosts conventions and meetings that allows its members to share their findings and get to know the various trends that are prevalent in the field. Currently, they have more than 25,000 members globally.

They are also the nodal agency for formulating the MLA style that is used to format the research assignment. We will now understand what is the difference between MLA 7 and 8.    

The most current edition of the Handbook was released in 2016. Significant changes have been made to the citation procedure. In this blog, we will talk about the differences between MLA 7 and 8.

Definition of MLA 7

Before we understand the difference between MLA 7 and MLA 8, let us first know the definition of MLA 7. MLA 7 is a style of quotation that has been formulated by MLA. The focus is on structuring the quotation. It allows researchers to write the sources in their article in a correct format. You will be surprised to know that some people are still using this format even though a new format has appeared. Research papers need to be formatted in a similar way so that readers can easily understand them. Readers can easily understand the references.

Definition of MLA 8

We have now taken a step forward in understanding the difference between MLA 8 and MLA 7. We will now get to know the definition of MLA 8. MLA 8 is the latest standard that has been released by MLA in its Handbook. It focuses on drafting procedures. A style guide is provided. The focus is on the author’s ideas. The author should have consistent sources for all reading.

MLA 7 vs MLA 8 Comparison Table

The difference between MLA 7 and 8 in the tabular form is provided below.

Basis of ComparsionMLA 8MLA 7
Applies to all sourcesSingle format for all quotationsNeed to locate the correct quotation format
PseudonymsAllowed to use online namesNot allowed
Add Volume and NumberYesNo
Include URLsRecommendedNot required
City of publicationOmittedRequired

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between MLA 7 vs MLA 8

We have now provided a significant difference between the two – MLA 7 vs MLA 8. The new version allows researchers and writers some leeway in writing references. Some insignificant details no longer need to be included. Similarly, it is recommended to include some important details like URL.

The readers will be able to understand the articles better than before. We have compiled the information so that you can easily understand the differences in format. We sincerely hope that this article will help you understand the main differences between the terms. We look forward to your feedback.