Difference Between Peril vs Hazard

Difference Between Peril vs Hazard

It’s really funny to know that some of the words we use in our daily lives actually have a different meaning. The word “danger” does not really mean the occurrence of a calamity. It actually means the occurrence of the events that led to the accident. Danger, in turn, actually means a certain disaster that has occurred.

The difference between peril and hazard is that a peril, such as a fire in a building or a tornado, etc., is caused due to a hazard. These terms do not have the same significance.

Below are some examples to illustrate the difference between hazard and peril.

  • Example 1: To save yourself from peril, you must travel to another city before the tornado hits the city.
  • Example 2: The hazard of excessive smoking caused a cloud to burst in New York City.

The sentences above clearly explain the answer to the question, what is the difference between peril and hazard.

Definition of Peril

There are a total of 16 perils. These include windstorms, dust storms, hurricanes, floods, bursting clouds, tornadoes, etc. It is not just a natural calamity, but in fact, the occurrence of a bad event.

The definition of peril is an event or occurrence that causes a massive loss of life. Take global warming, for example. It can be described as a hazard that causes enormous amounts of peril around the world.

Definition of Hazard

Below are the type of hazards:

  1. Caused by immorality – such as fraud, dishonest behavior, etc.
  2. Caused by a physical imbalance – such as excessive smoking, paragliding, etc.
  3. Caused by lack of morale – such as being insensitivity, recklessness, etc.

The definition of hazard is that it isn’t a phenomenon, it is a condition which leads to the occurrence of Peril.

This condition can increase the number of lives that are lost that is supposed to be caused by this condition can increase the number of lives lost that is supposed to be caused by a certain event. For example, a glacier melted due to increased pollution levels and caused hundreds of casualties; however, the peril was quickly followed by the bursting of a cloud.

Main Differences Between Peril vs Hazard

Basis of ComparisonPerilHazard
Type16 types of perils3 types of hazard
ExampleTornadoes, hurricanes, fire in a building, floods, etc.Immorality, physical Imbalance, lack of morale
DefinitionIt is a natural phenomenon caused by a hazardIt is a situation that leads to a peril
ImpactImmediate impact in term of life lossThe slow impact that causes life loss

Difference Between Peril and Hazard: Conclusion

After understanding the true definition of these terms, we can definitely say that Peril vs Hazard has an impact on people’s lives as well as on the lives of other beings on the planet. The use of these terms depends on the type of calamity we are talking about, its impact and so on.

We need to know the difference between the two words in order to use it correctly when forming a sentence. Nevertheless, we must use these terms more and more in the future because of the trend that humanity is following today.