Difference Between Rural and Suburban

Difference Between Rural and Suburban

At the time of the first men, living in caves, moving around a lot and establishing small communities here and there was the way of life. Life was so cool and as simple as possible; as long as there were sources of drinking water and food. However, nowadays things are more complex; caves, clean water, and food are no longer enough. Depending on the type of life you want to lead, you can choose to live in a fast-paced city or in a “not so fast” and less bustling community. These two choices define the difference between suburban and rural.

We’re going to try to answer the question – “what’s the difference between rural and suburban?”, but before we do, let’s take a look at their definitions.

Definition of Rural

Some people just want to have close contact with nature. They don’t care so much about quick-fix synthetic foods, noise pollution, and materialism. They just want to live a quiet life and grow most of their food. These people are the personified definition of the rural lifestyle.

To live in a rural area is to live in the countryside and in a village. It is often associated with the homogeneity of the population. There is less social interaction, mobility, and solidarity.

Definition of Suburban

It’s not the same with the country way of life, or even the other way around. It’s somewhere in between. Those who choose this type of dwelling want to stay in touch with nature as much as possible, but they also want to stay in touch with civilization. That is more or less what suburban is.

According to the definition of suburban housing, it is a residential area located on the outskirts of large cities and towns. You can also refer to it as a suburb. The population of the suburb is small and traffic is generally low.

As far as we can tell, these definitions explain the difference between rural and suburban. But we are going to take it a step further and try to answer the question; “what is the difference between rural and suburban” using a comparison table.

Rural vs Suburban Comparison Table

Basis of ComparisonRuralSuburban
Definition Residential area in the countryside and village Residential area on the outskirt of main cities and towns
Employment optionsLow employment options and rates Employment rates not so low, but not so high
NatureMostly natural environmentA combination of the natural and artificial environment

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Rural vs Suburban

Which of these two lifestyles will you prefer if you have the opportunity to choose? Your state of health, your professional motivations, your appreciation of nature in relation to the environment created by man, your survival capacities, etc. are some of the elements that you must take into consideration before making your choice in this case.

In addition, before making this choice, you must understand the difference between rural vs suburban. You also need to understand how these differences will affect your well-being in life.