Difference Between Socialism and Communism

Difference Between Socialism and Communism

There are numerous systems that are used in governing countries across the globe. Till quite a few years back, there were a large number of countries that had embraced communism as their way of life. Now, we have always used the word in same meaning with socialism. Very few of us know that there is a variance that exists in what they mean. The application of them in the global scene are varying. These systems arose from the struggle against the upper class and the abuse against the working people.

The common thing that joins them is that the rights of the resources rests with the ordinary citizens. Both these structures would like to ensure equality amongst the public. They are of the belief that the funds should be divided among the public without any prejudice.

However, in one of them the control rests only with the government. The variance arises in how the incomes are shared among the people. It is these small variances that ensure that we are respected amongst our friends and colleagues. We should always do some research and know these facts. In this article, we will know more on the difference between socialism and communism.

Definition of Socialism

Socialism is the system where the resources and the various manufacturing factors are owned commonly by the society. The resources are managed and distributed amongst the common people on the basis of the work done or the effort provided by them.

There will be an authority which will be deciding the type of work to be done by the people. In this society there could be people belonging to certain classes but there would be no variance in them. There would be no prejudice while the authorities are allocating the funds among the people.

When we are knowing about what is difference between socialism and communism, we need to know that socialism requires a central planning authority to set the objectives of the economy. So, here the people will be receiving the goods as per the work done by them.

Definition of Communism

Communism is the system in which the creation factors are owned only the central authorities. The delivery happens based on the needs of the people. Here, people do not have the basic right to have ownership over any estate. It was done only to ensure there was equality among the people and there would be no basis of any discrimination. In this case, the government was supposed to ensure the basic needs like food and education would be imparted to all the citizens. Some of the major communist regimes of this day are China and Vietnam.

While we are talking about what’s the difference between socialism and communism, we should know that communism ensured it led to effectively abolishing religion. It ensured there was no class and so there would be no friction among the working people and the white collared ones.

Socialism vs Communism Comparison Table

Let us now see what is the difference between socialism and communism in the form of a table.

Basis of Comparison Socialism Communism
How are resources divided The funds will be divided among the people on the basis of the activities done and their contributionPeople will get the funds based in their needs
What it tries to achieve It tries to achieve that all people are equal and there would be a fair civilizationIt wants to devoid the civilization of any class. All people would be treated equally
Who owns the resources The citizens but ideally the administration elected by the people Usually the administration
Can capitalism exist Yes, it can No, there is no co-existence

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Socialism vs Communism

We had been talking about the difference between communism and socialism. While both these systems would like to ensure equality among the people and that there should exist no variance in the method in which the people get the resources.

In a socialist state, the requirement will be shared based on the efforts of the people. While a communist state will share based on the needs of the people. Communism has a flipside that it does not motivate people to work hard and this could be the reason for its downfall in most countries globally.