Difference Between Vet Assistant and Vet Tech

Difference Between Vet Assistant and Vet Tech

For people who are ready to revolutionize animal healthcare, a good step to launch your career could either be a vet assistant or tech. To guide you in choosing the best career path, we bring you a new chapter centering on  difference between vet assistant and vet tech. These jobs could give happiness as well as good paychecks. If you are vet student, then you are few inches away from realizing your dream job.

But for God’s sake, picking a great vet career path is something you can’t toy with! The decisions you make today can either put you on a straight path to greatness or regrets. Also, the future often comes sooner than expected. Even though these career terms may sound very similar to your ears, they differ greatly in many aspects such as salary, qualification, training, skill set and job description.

If you don’t fully understand the difference between vet assistant and vet tech, you may mistakenly enter into a career path that fills each and every day of your life with bad feelings. Worse of it all, you may get stuck with your  expectation, with no where to run to. Now, let’s move straight into the details of these careers.

Definition of Vet Assistant

Vet Assistant is usually a nonprofessional worker whose main duty is assisting techs in clinics or animal health care facility. Before you commit yourself to this profession, it’s important to know the job descriptions and the salaries.

Typically, assistants are usually passionate learners with lower educational backgrounds who play assisting roles in vet clinics. Provided you are serious and capable enough, you can even get this job without having any proper or well recognized education.

Assistants may not directly involve themselves with technical operations on animals – their job descriptions mostly center on animal feeding, exercises, interviewing  animal owners, performing sterilization on animal shelters, etc.

The responsibilities are  major factors that give rise to difference between vet tech and vet assistant. One distinguishing truth is that, assistants may not have certified documents pertaining to their profession. Not withstanding that fact, in America, vet schools are common. Once you graduate from such a school, then getting a job becomes easier, because you would be given  a certificate.

Definition of Vet Tech

Vet Tech is a professionally trained animal healthcare technician. They have higher educational qualifications in their fields.

Techs undergo rigorous training in accredited vet schools or universities. Some techs are supposed to even write a computerized examination, in order to be certified. Even after graduation, high schoolers can be hired as assistants. Again, this spells out difference between vet tech and vet assistant.

  Some responsibilities carried out by the techs include: x-rays, sample collection, giving anaesthetic drugs,  etc. Techs enjoy higher pays; some net around $ 49k per year. The take- home-pay of some highly paid assistants stands around $ 38k per year.

Vet Assistant vs Vet Tech – Comparison Table

Vet Tech Vet Assistant
Qualification Higher education, universityLow education, high schools
Duties Technical duties, surgeries, anaesthesia Feeding or cleaning animals, restraining
Experience & skills High Low
Average yearly salary $ 49000 $ 38000

Conclusion of Main Differences Between Vet Assistant vs Vet Tech

Caring for animals could be a fun and fulfilling job. But it’s important to know which direction you are heading to.  There are thousands of ways to visualize the vast difference between a vet tech and a vet assistant. One way of spotting their distinctions is by doing a survey about the salaries. If you did this research, then you would realize that high yearly salaries are enjoyed by the techs; they are the real experts.

Irrespective of your option, you still have the potential to put a smile on animals faces and save them from their discomfort. Humans depend on animals to satisfy their food needs. Aside food, pets  serve as our companions. Domesticated animals such as dogs even provide security to their owners. Judging from this, it’s obvious that when animals are safe, man is safe. Having tackled the definitions and distinctions, now, you should be able to answer what is the difference between vet tech and assistant?

Before you leave this page, it’s important to note that, these 2 careers are highly risky to some extent. The reason is that, not all animals are friendly, so you have to always be watching out  for danger.

Protective gears such as lab coats, boots, and gloves must always be worn when working in an environment of infectious animals. For instance, a dog bite could give you rabies, leading to paralysis, dementia and even death. Once you sign up for a career of this nature, then you must prioritize safety.