What is the Difference Between Invention and Discovery?

What is the Difference Between Invention and Discovery?

Before going any further, have a look at this short description about what is the difference between invention and discovery. When a pre-existing thing is discovered whose subsistence hasn’t been previously appreciated, it leads to its discovery.

Invention is a sub-structure of an individual’s thoughts and philosophies. It isn’t a pre-existing thing but a completely unknown introduction of a particular entity. Want to learn more about what is the difference between discovery and Invention? Browse through the article below to clear up any confusion between both and get a completely transparent and unclouded understanding of these two commonly misunderstood words.

Definition of Invention

When we talk about the definition of Invention, we are talking about a modernist or an improved approach to something that gives a result that can help convert human tasks into simpler and convenient terms. Like the invention of the cell phone by Martin Cooper and the telegraph by Samuel Morse.

Inventions can be in various domains. They can either be related to science or technology, they may be in the social or political spheres, or they may have an impact on humanity or culture.

Astronautics, atomic bomb, smartphones all are inventions in the category of scientific and technological inventions. The US Constitution, or certain actions like feminism, are all socio-political inventions. Oil, jazz, rock, opera, etc. are components of humanistic and cultural inventions.

Definition of Discovery

When we talk about the definition of discovery, discovery is as simple as an acknowledgement of an object whose prevalence was previously just not searched or recognized by humans.

Discovery has its roots in the questioning of the unquestionable, coupled with the curiosity to know. Both are considered to be the parents of the discovery of any production.

Some examples of discoveries are Columbus discovering America and Isaac Newton discovering gravity.

Invention vs Discovery Comparison Table

Basis of ComparisonDiscoveryInvention
Quick definitionBirth of a new entity on the basis of one’s ideas and philosophies Awareness of something that used to prevail
DescribesThings that occur naturally Things that involve science or manufactured commodities

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Invention vs Discovery

The invention has a purpose, it is the manufacture of something totally innovative that didn’t exist before. Invention is a methodical or experimental or human-made approach. It retains its relevance yesteryear.

Discovery consists of digging into something that already existed. It may or may not have a purpose. Speaking of its existence it may have existed for a longer period of time.

With this article hopefully, you can now know the difference between Invention v/s Discovery. All the great gadgets, techniques, and whereabouts we look around are the result of either stupendous inventions or successful discoveries.

Both of the terms are often confused. They aren’t synonyms but in fact, they are more different when defined. If you come across them now, you know how they differ. Take a look at making your own invention or discovery. Who knows, the next greatest one may well be yours!