What is the Difference Between Random Selection and Nonrandom Selection?

What is the Difference Between Random Selection and Nonrandom Selection?

If you come from the market research industry, you must be quite familiar with the term “sampling”. Similarly, anyone working in economics or mathematics should also have heard of this term. So, what does the name signify? It is the procedure by which some people take samples for further analysis.

Now, you may also have come across the terms random and non-random selection. So far you must have wondered about the variance in what these terms signify. In this article, we will learn what is the difference between random selection and non-random selection.

Definition of Random Selection

Let us talk about the first term and comprehend the definition of random selection. Random selection is the phenomenon whereby all the items of the population have a probability greater than zero of being selected.

Ideally, we should be impartial in choosing the sample for which we want to do the market research. For example, if we are trying to find out the mailing addresses where we can send mail, we can always opt for the random sampling technique.

Definition of Non-Random Selection

We will now talk about the other term and find out the definition of non-random selection. Non-random selection is a method in which some items have no chance of getting selected. This type of sampling is used in areas where there may be resource constraints to conduct a complete random selection.

There may also be situations where the researcher finds it easy to select a particular item for the sample. There may also be situations where the researcher wants to select an equal number of men and women in the sample. In other cases, the researcher may use common sense in selecting items.

Random Selection vs Nonrandom Selection Comparison Table

Basis of ComparisonRandom selectionNonrandom selection
What it meansAll the items have the same chance of being selectedSome of the things may not have a chance to be chosen
How choice is madeRandomNo fixed manner
Opportunity to be selectedSame and it is knownNot specified
OutcomeNo bias in the resultsThere may be some bias in the outcome

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Random vs Nonrandom Selection

We have now discussed the difference between the terms of random selection and non-random selection. They are statistical techniques used mainly to conduct strategic research in a predefined population. The researcher uses one or the other of these techniques to accompany the population to do the research. One the one hand, the researcher randomly selects items from among the masses to conduct the research; on the other hand, the selection may be left to the discretion of the researcher.

We have talked about the random selection vs non-random selection in great detail. We sincerely hope that you will be able to understand the difference between the two phrases. We look forward to your feedback on this article.