What is the Difference Between Superior vs Inferior?

What is the Difference Between Superior vs Inferior?

You probably intend to read this article with the curiosity to know what is the difference between superior and inferior? You may have often heard common people or read articles on the Internet using the words superior and inferior. But what is the actual meaning of these words?

Something that is superior to others connote it as being of better quality than others.

Something inferior, on the other hand, is of a lower quality to what it is compared to.

The above statements are only a small description of what the terms superior and inferior actually mean. Come and explore these terms further!

Definition of Superior

“John has more power in the company than James because he is superior to him.”

What does the above statement mean? It is clear that this example is intended to show that John, because of his greater power in the business  (due to a higher designation), is much more important than James.

Do you now understand what superior means?

Have a look at the statement below.

“Sharon should be the lead dancer, she is superior to any other dancer in the group.”

Here, the example indicates that because of Sharon’s ability to dance gracefully, her quality as a dancer is considered superior to any other member of the group.

Clear enough? Now, what is the definition of Superior?

Anything that is put forward when comparing different qualities or positions is superior to the one below in the rankings.

Definition of Inferior

“Due to Sana’s deteriorating performance in academics, she feels inferior to her brother.”

Sana is not able to have better results than her brother and feels a little worse than him, this is what inferior means.

The qualities that make you feel worse than someone else are what we call inferior. All those qualities that you consider inferior to the other qualities you have are often considered inferior.

“Talking about yesterday’s relay, everyone was inferior to Jack’s run”, implies that Jack ran with the highest speed compared to other athletes.

The definition of inferior is, anything having a lower priority when you rank all the separate comparison is inferior to the ones before it.

Main Differences Between Superior vs Inferior

Basis of ComparisonSuperiorInferior
DefinitionHaving a seniority or leading with respect to a specific quality or distinction.Having a secondary or minor rating with respect to a specific quality or distinction.
PreferencePrioritize and preferred over inferior.Preferred below the superior qualities.
ExampleFor example, “He was becoming accustomed to his superior strength.”For example, “These electronic products are inferior to the once we bought last year.”

Difference Between Superior and Inferior: Conclusion

Superior vs Inferior plays a major role not only in the comparison of objects, but also in relationships. Everyone has at heart to be superior to something or someone. Something that is inferior to something else is usually neglected or given less attention. This is a human tendency.

The label may also depend on one’s perspective. For instance, you might find a cloth of cotton superior to silk, but because of your love for silk, you may find it superior.

We hope you now have a very clear idea about- “what is the difference between superior and inferior?” So next time you come across these terms, you will know exactly what conclusion to draw!